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here below you will find some samples of the products which we want to offer you. Because all of them are very flexible and all can be modified to exactly match your needs, consider this presentation just as an inspiracy how your projects could be solved if you come to us with your real projects. Enjoy the next show, please, and do not hesitate to contact us.

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You can download here our basic brochures from our web site (if you are on-line). Later below, you can find more referential photos and pictures which partly comply to those used in the brochures or there are some more of them to show you an available wide range of our modular solutions.

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Army & Emergency

The models shown here are the ideal solution to satisfy the needs of army units or emergency rescue teams in the field conditions. They are provided in a large number of variants and they are made from high-quality materials which ensure a long life-time and minimal maintenance in that period. These products are designed mostly for an easy manipulation and transportation in all common ways, therefore they are ready for a fast response to their relocation request. At the same time, they offer the high comfort of usage at the optimized costs level.

Army & Emergency - Residential

These models solve the needs of people to live or work in them either temporarily or for a long period. They can be designed like rooms, offices, meeting or visit rooms etc. One model can serve usually from 1 to 4 persons and even more if executed as 2in1 or 3in1 models.

Army & Emergency - Sanitary

These models solve the needs of standard WC or bath usage, but can also help in a special way of cleaning like an emergency decontamination etc. They can be designed like WC and showers together or like maximized capacity of one purpose only. One model can serve usually from 4 to 6 persons at one time and even more if executed as 2in1 or 3in1 model.

Army & Emergency - Food

These models solve the needs of meal cooking and serving, often together, but can be split to function separately. There are also some modification available for food or other goods storage and distribution. The double container example shown here could serve about 200 people minimum 3 times per day by cooking, serving and washing. That needs, of course, the electrification and water piping connected to the local sources or to other mobile ones.

Army & Emergency - Medical

These models can be used single as simple infirmary, consulting or surgery or interrogation room, small laboratory etc. Used combined together they create a specialized field unit of hospital, pharmacy, surgery hall, bedrooms for patients etc. You can ask for fully equipped models or just for empty models prepared for the inner installations by a third-party of your choice. Special models can be made for any type of van or truck.

Army & Emergency - Checkpoint

These checkpoints are specially designed for army or police units, safety guards etc., which guard sensitive buildings or areas or roads under a danger of armed attacks. Each module is composed for 1 or 2 armored men. It protects them against the common handy arm bullets and this protection can be improved by an additional cladding. Three modules fit into the size of standard ISO container.

Army & Emergency - Special

We offer a special execution 2in1 and 3in1. The handling can be manual, electrical or hydraulic/pneumatic based of your choice. The advantages are obvious and indisputable. There are hundreds of optional purposes for which the containers and modules can be modified, e.g. special storage, workshop, laundry, septic, special technology housing, communication unit, power source etc. Our power sources can be based on standard diesel (or gasoline or CNG) generators, but they can consist of several sources like diesel generator and wind turbine and solar panels. Special models can be made for any type of van or truck.

Army & Emergency - Camps

Our modular system allows to create complete camps for army and rescue units, people affected by a nature disaster or for refugees as well as to create field hospitals, commander posts etc. We always help to optimize the camp configuration and its daily logistics as well. These camps can be self-living between regular supplies deliveries.

Army & Emergency - Tents

These tents are dedicated to be used in all weather conditions around the world. They can be of the classic design with the supportive structure or designed as the air blowing structure which is easier and faster for the installation. Tents safe a lot of space for stocking before they are used on the operation field. They are easier for the transportation. They can be used self-standing or be combined with modules and containers to create large camps shown on pictures.


Our modular buildings well support a very fast construction of residential, office, commercial and public buildings. Their dimensions are not limited, you can think about one module only as well as about hundreds of modules of several floors. Our solutions give a chance to make an additional cladding which fully covers the modular structure and improves the building's quality.

Civil - Offices

You can see here just few of many referential projects.

Civil - Living

Modular houses can be adjusted for their inhabitants starting at the social lower level, growing up to the most comfortable solutions. We can help also to complete a missing town's infrastructure like toilets, information centers, waiting areas of public transport, student colleges, hotels etc.

Civil - Shops

You can see here some samples.

Civil - Stands

You can see here that it is easy to create either a small stand or even a huge pavilion.

Civil - Special

Have a look how we can make specialized rescue points, modified residential modules, technological containers, control rooms of complex technological operations, checkpoints and even special rescue trucks.

Civil - Terminals

A special kind of usage is represented by logistic terminals where special transportation and sorting systems are installed and running permanently.

Civil - Airports

These samples demonstrate that really very difficult structures can be made from our modules. They support irregular shapes, large facade glazing, special technological installations etc.


Our modular buildings well support a very fast construction of high-quality health centers, polyclinics, hospitals, units of urgent health care or rehabilitation, centers of the aftercare of old or handicapped people etc. Our modules allow to create a comfortable and fully functional building and customize its interiors and technologies. The gratest advantages are low costs and a very short production and installation terms.

Health - Hospitals

Hospitals made of our modules can compete any other kind of building structures. They fulfil the highest standards of quality, hygienic codes and fireproofness. Their design can be adapted to any medical expertise and to operate any diagnostic or laboratory facilities.

Health - Rescue

Rescue modules can be quickly transported and deployed according to the actual needs on the disaster places, where rescuers can administer the first aid in appropriate working conditions to a large number of people. The most frequent users are paramedical teams, as well as police officers, firefighters, rescue services engineers, chemists and other professionals.


Our modules allow to built up completely new buildings or create some expansions of already existing buildings. They suit well for any kind of school for any age category. As well, we can make places or buildings where our children can spend also their leisure time or just meat each other.

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